About us


It was on a fall afternoon in Montreal, Canada that Cartel was born and like many things it began as a product of frustration, almost as a rebellion. What we wanted to do was provide an alternative to the current climate of fast fashion for those who wanted a product that was made with great consideration, attention to detail, in a timeless aesthetic, while always reflecting the slight hints of rebellion and counter culture for which Cartel has become known.

At Cartel our design is influenced largely by the variance of day-to-day life, everything from a punk concert or a 1970’s Japanese motorcycle gang, to the way a record spins. Though these occurrences may seem varied they will always manifest themselves in a well-curated, cohesive collection that is consistent with a strict brand vision and aesthetic principal. Our design team motto has grown to be “Experience. Filter. Create.”

Our collections are all produced by hand in North America, using the traditional techniques instilled for over a hundred years in the small factories of Leon, MX. All collections are produced using premium grade leathers and construction methods designed for a long life and maximum wear ability.

email : info@cartelfootwear.com
toll free :  1-888-756-3022